Introducing Magnetic Therapy DIATON®

Unique DIATON Computer-Aided, Low Frequency Magnetic Therapy

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Application: The Magnetic Therapy DIATON unit is a complex of original equipment and software to bring low-frequency modulated fields in regular time-specified contact with the patient’s body. The magnetic therapy method makes use of the well known fact that certain types of magnetism with low-intensity are capable of performing general therapeutic and curative functions. This kind of treatment is effective, painless and pleasant for the patient.

The Treatment Objective: To assist micro-circulation processes, to improve metabolic balance and restoration of body functions, to bring about anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and hypotensive effect. Positive outcomes are registered in 85% of cases of atherosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis of limbs, Buerger and Raynaud diseases, diabetic angiopathy, hypertension, heart ischemia, chronic venous deficiency. Magnetic Therapy DIATON application results in obvious improvement between attacks of: osteoarthritic deforming, cervical, crest or lumbar osteochondrosisis, costal neuralgia, myositis, retarded fracture healing, bruises, in a pre-operative and post-operative recuperation.

Magnetic Therapy DIATON® has Anti-Aging effect and brings back All your Energy!

Magnetic Therapy

More of Magnetic Therapy Indications:

  • artheriosclerosis
  • obliterating endartheriosis and most painful diseases
  • diabetic anglopathy
  • high blood pressure
  • chronic venous disorders
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • gastrointestinal tract disorders
  • Locomotor system diseases/damages
  • diabetes mellitus complications dermatological diseases
  • chronic nonspecific lung diseases neurological diseases
  • attacks of osteoarthritic deformance
  • cervical crest or lumbar ostheoconcrasisis
  • costal neuralgia
  • myopathia
  • myodisplasy
  • retarded fractionic healing
  • Spinal osteochondrosis (including that with the nerve-root syndrome)
  • deforming osteoarthrosis
  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • epicondylitis
  • myositis
  • gout
  • fracture
  • joint trauma
  • soft tissue injury
  • haematoma
  • ligament and muscle injured
  • post-traumatic oedema
  • post-operational wound
  • varicose illness
  • chronic venal insufficiency with trophic disorder
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia to hypertonic type;
  • prosopalgia
  • neuritis
  • chronic otitis
  • frontal sinusitis
  • frontitis
  • rhinitis (also allergic)
  • tracheitis
  • bronchitis
  • periodontal disease
  • gingivitis
  • chronic sialoadenitis
  • arthritis of the temporomandibular joint.

Also used in pre-operation surgery and post-operative recuperation.

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Technical Characteristics: Intensity, frequency and flow of progressive magnetic wave is individual for every patient. 8 autonomously adjustable channels provide magnetic fields ranging between 0.5mT1 and 0.01/100Hz. Magnetic Therapy Diaton unit provides biotechnical feedback monitoring and therapy timing to suit the patient’s biorhythm.


  • Electromagnetic unit: 2000x1250x930m m
  • Control unit: 500x600x1610 mm
  • CE MARK, FDA Pending, Patented technology.

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